Students, Fees, Riots, Idiots!

Who can possibly argue that public money should be used for higher education, then in order to convey this sentiment destroy public property causing damage that will cost the equivalent of 3 peoples university education to repair. Anyone who thinks this makes any sense does not belong in higher education at all.

The fact that the provision of higher education as it stands is unsustainable ;this must be addressed weather we like it or not. The fact that everyone, regardless of intellect or talent feels its a right to study for a degree means the severe devaluation of a degree in the hands of those who are actually extraordinary. This is a big problem.

Simply raising fees is not the magic wand solution; the problems and social divides this course of action will cause are far greater than any supposed benefits. We should instead look to return higher education to the academically extraordinary and to those whose gifts in their chosen subject areas make them truly stand out. These people will surely graduate and contribute to the national economy many times any investment that was made in them.

I don’t believe any public money at all should be spent facilitating the ‘education’ of the violent chanting brain dead mob shown on the news over the past days.