RIP Margaret Thatcher – A PM that will be remembered for generations to come.

Margaret Thatcher pictured with children, Carol and Mark
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Margaret Thatcher pictured with children, Carol and Mark died today aged 87.

Rest in Peace Margaret Thatcher. The PM who still divides a room full of people, and indeed the whole of the United Kingdom down the middle, I doubt John Major or Gordon Brown will ever have that effect.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a fan of some of her actions and I’m under no illusions, some of the things she did caused deep, irreversible damage, however she did have a fierce loyalty to her country and its people, a quality no one in the cabinate today possesses.

Recent documents have revealed a human side she hid, she shed genuine tears and felt real responsibility for loss of life in the Falklands. By contrast, Tony Blair will never feel anything for those lives lost in Iraq.

Its a tough balance make a decision you believe is for the best, then backtrack at the first sign of public resistance; the media will swoop on you for being weak, confidence will falter and, if it was the correct decision after all, you’ve just made the country a worse place for the people who voted for you by not pushing through the resistance. Carry on regardless, despite public outcry and accusations of arrogance, not listening to the people and being out of touch will surely follow. It seems to be that a politician can never really win.

Lets try to remember historical context while making judgments on her decions, many of which we will judge out of context given the time thats passed. Lets try and stay balanced and respectful to someone who dedicated her life to her country.