RedThreadGames Have their croudsourcing for DreamFall Chapters ‘Frozen’ by PayPal

DreamFall Chapters, The Longest Journey

DreamFall Chapters – PayPal Freeze Funds

1000’s of us wanted to see a new DreamFall Game, and 21,858 people were willing to put their hands in their pockets and donate money so the project could go ahead.

But for the people who missed the kickstarter deadline or couldn’t for whatever reason donate via the croudsourcing website, game developers, RedThreadGames offered a croudsourcing / preorder service powered by PayPal.

Tonight, without warning or any attempt to enter into dialogue with ReadThreadGames, PayPal have frozen all the funds, and also frozen funds and blocked sales for the companies highly anticipated, upcoming JourneyCon Event.

This is not the first horror story in which PayPal are the villains, and is surely not the last, see this story:
But it proves PayPal simply doesn’t care for its customers, creative people, or their fans.

Dreamfall Chapters has been a huge deal, with many highly enthusiastic supporters. PayPal needed to invest 10 minutes to do a little online research and contact the games producers to work out that everything was above board. Instead they have taken harsh and damaging action against RedThread Games, and held two fingers up to every PayPal customer who has supported the project. Way to go guys!

Is it time for governments to legislate and force PayPal to be bound and governed by the same codes of conduct as banks? Since it’s clear they can’t be trusted to treat individuals and businesses who rely on them fairly, I say yes!

PayPal: FIX YOUR CROUDSOURCING POLICIES. 10 minutes of your time could have prevented this, and the fact that no one will get in touch or enter into any meaningful dialogue with RedThread just adds insult to injury to the whole adventure gaming community. I’m just posting this to add my voice to many people who are saying – “Sort this out, apologise and fix your policies for good”.

Please tweet to @PayPal and @AskPayPal and tell them to sort it out.

For more information on Dreamfall Chapters, Visit RedThread Games:

DreamFall Chapters Appeal For Kickstarter Funding.

DreamFall Chapters, The Longest Journey

DreamFall Chapters – Appeal for Kickstarter Investors

DreamFall Chapters, the follow up to the Epic, cinematic award winning adventure games The Longest Journey and DreamFall: The Longest Journey is in pre-production .

This news may mean nothing to many of you, but its news I’ve been hoping to hear for years.

The first two games draw you into a story, in which there are two worlds, Stark and Arcadia. One world of science, one of Magic. The two worlds are divided by the ‘Balance’ and only certain people known as ‘Shifters’ can travel between the two worlds.

I played the first of the two games back in 2000, and since then eagerly awaited the continuation of the story, because this series is all about the deep, immersive story that unfolds over this huge adventure.

Six years later and DreamFall: The longest journey is released and the story continues with an amazing, gorgeous world to explore and plenty of colourful characters to interact with.

The story climaxes with betrayal, blackmail, murder and tragedy with a sinister plot about to come to fruition. April, a main character from the beginning is left bleeding in the sea after being stabbed with a sword before falling off the end of a pier, Zoe, another main character’s physical self is left in a coma with her father watching over her, her spiritual self travels to the ‘story-time’, a place where all stories are told and heard. Zoe asks if she is dead. The story keeper does not know, but it does not matter here.

The first two games were published by ‘Funcom’, however, the series creator Ragnar Tørnquist has founded an independent game development studio, Red Thread Games to produce DreamFall Chapters. This will allow the team to make a “…Proper, mature chalenging adventure game, one without compromises…” Ragnar Tørnquist.

“For years it’s been our dream to tell more stories in The Longest Journey saga, and now we’ve finally brought together the core team behind Dreamfall for this long-awaited sequel” Says Ragnar Tørnquist.

So many questions, so much more to learn, and we are so close, since Ragnar Tørnquist and his team are funding this adventure themselves, they need backing, This is why the project now has its own Kickstarter page so the fans can fund a game they want.

The kick-starter page has a video, telling the story so far with footage and music from the original two games. I have to add here that the ‘DreamFall’ score by Leon Willet is truly amazing, its on my iPod! One of my favourite tracks from it features on the video above so check it out.

There are also links to buy the first two games, still immensely popular. An experience I’d recommend to everyone!

I’ll be watching the funding closely and counting down the days ’til I can resume the journey.