I’m Stuart Fox and I am a composer and music producer living and working in Gloucestershire in the UK. I have a great variety of interests including a newly found ability to see and identify waste and miss management of public services (this has happened since my tax bill started getting large).

I have a huge interest in new technology, mobile phones, gadgets and toys but especially new developments concerning music technology / audio production.

Find me on youtube (steakmonster) to see more and of course my music home page www.goodsounds.co.uk contains my showreel and more about my music work.

Me in the studio

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  1. While researching the Jelf/Ashleworth ferry/Charles II connection I stumbled across your blog comments about racism at the Boat Inn and was rather shocked to say the least.
    Racism is a most unpleasant tag that tends to be rather too quickly banded around these days. Personally I’d rather to believe this was a simple case of small-minded ignorance and cliquishness – just as can be found in countless other locals. One of the charms of the Boat is it’s tiny bar but this is also a drawback as it can only seat about ten people and rather too cosily for anyone cherishing their personal space! And, with a regular clientele of boozy regulars, is it really surprising that they take precedence over ‘foreigners’ – be they black/white/English/non-regulars from Ashleworth or anywhere else? There is a sizeable covered area out front which most folk prefer anyway – just ask the cyclists! There is another pub in the village – The Queens Arms (on the occasions when they bother to open up!) – but ‘mine host’ there is hardly welcoming either and don’t expect to get a drink unless you buy a meal! Maybe it’s something they put in the water in these parts! Better to do as most locals do and drink at the Woodpeckers Club.

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