Water Water Everywhere, again… Lets hope its not a third flooding for the Haw Bridge Inn, Tirley

Some of us in Gloucestershire are seeing the return of the now familiar lakes where fields used to be. While the fields of rain hold a certain beauty, people at risk of flooding are understandably nervous yet again.

The Haw Bridge Inn, one of the few remaining proper local pubs in the area has been flooded twice in the last few months. The first flooding closed the pub over the Christmas period, and having just sorted everything out and reopened, the floods entered again putting the place out of action over new year.

You don’t have to be in the trade to work out that not being able to do any business over Christmas and New Year is going to hurt, badly.

I’ve just driven over the Haw Bridge and seen the river, its almost level to the car park. Lets hope it stays there, a third flooding since Christmas is just not fair.

And, flood or no flood, I’d ask everyone who reads this blog to go down to the Haw Bridge, Drink, Eat and be … well merry. You’ll not only have fun but you’ll be supporting a valuable local community hub.

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Saturday, February 23, 2013