The Moon and Sixpence, Clevedon

Moon And Sixpence Pub Sign in Clevedon

So – I know I’m quick to vent on here when I’m upset or angry about something, this page is a good therapeutic tool – sort of like a cyber punching bag – but, my popularity on Google of late has been both a blessing and a curse and people who aren’t just my twitter followers and personal friends have started reading.

I’m constantly amazes that folks who don’t need to visit my blog, or read it, do anyway and then get upset that a webpage with ‘…Angry Rants…’ in the title displayed on every page (and the google link you have to click on to get here) contains…. well, angry rants (who knew), anyway – thats the rant part over (I have to live up to my sites description don’t I).

Today is positive, its time to show some love and share some proper gems with you. I have a few amazing finds to tell you about – the First of which is The Moon and Sixpence in the seaside town of Clevedon.

Moon And Sixpence, a seaside pub in Clevedon

After finishing my latest TV series (which I’ll post about separately – VERY exciting), I’ve actually had the time to get out of the house on the odd weekend day (if you’ve seen a 6 foot 5, blurry eyed guy who looks like he’s been staring at monitors for 16 hours a day for the last 3 months, staggering about looking lost… that will be me), and towards the end of a day of meandering, visiting various castles and heritage sites I missed the turning I intended to take off the M4 and ended up on the Severn Bridge headed East. We’d just had lunch at Isca Augusta (or as its now known, Caerleon) and I wanted to head back along the east side of the river severn, stopping by at the George Inn, a 16th century pub in St Briavels.

That will have to wait until another day, as I do not u-turn!

Once the mistake was made and we were on the wrong side of the River Severn, we decided to stop the car at the seaside town of Clevedon. As we walked along the sea front, the wonderful smell of food barbequing combined with the sea air greeted us and we noticed that several locals were enjoying a char-grilled evening meal on the beach. An idea that appeals to me, but again, for another day.

There was an italian restaurant on the seafront, it looked inviting. The sun was hot, people were sat out on the patio with cold glasses of Italian beer, and for a second it was easy to forget that we were in the UK. Sadly, but not surprisingly this restaurant could not fit us in, however after a quick walk up the road we came across ‘The Moon and Sixpence’.

The Fantastic, Sea View Balcony by night at the Moon and Sixpence, Cleavedon

It was a Saturday evening, the sun was shining, the temperature was such that if you closed your eyes, you could have easily been by the Mediterranean sea in summer, and this sea-side pub happens to look out over the Clevedon pier. I don’t even have to mention that on this evening, it was popular.


Inside, the Moon and Sixpence is bursting with character. Its the sort of pub that instantly makes you smile and feel at home as soon as you walk in. As we approached the bar, despite the fact that they were clearly very very busy, we were served quickly and met with a very warm welcome.

We were lucky enough to actually nab a seat on their balcony, from which we were able to share a delicious meditarain platter for two and drink a pint of beer while watching the sun set over Clevedon pier.


The platter, from the specials board consisted of crispy chicken, 4 types of marinated olives, cold meats, cheese and some delicious thrice fried hand cut chips (hmmmm), complete with a tasty balsamic and olive oil dip. An extremely pleasant selection of tantalising tastes to accompany the beautiful summer evening and the seaside sunset. Perfect.

Watching the other food go by, it looked delicious. The menu features all the pub classics like Ham egg and chips, home made Steak and Ale Pie (which I saw going past me…. NOM!). 3 tasty looking vegetarian options were also available, Cauliflower cheese, Veg Lasagne and, a Greek Vilage Salad (Olives, Feta & Halloumi Cheeses, Pitta and Tzatziki Dip). The specials board that day had a little bit of a Mediterranean / Greek feel, which, weather or not by design, felt perfect for that evenings combination of sea and very atypical English climate.

I mentioned they were busy. It was a glorious Saturday evening, so this is where the Moon And Sixpence knocked my socks off, despite the fact they must have all been run off their feet, the service was quick, efficient and friendly and was made to look effortless. The staff did not look or act tired or harassed. Return visits to the bar reaffirmed my initial impression of genuine welcome and warmth and even though I was served by more than one person, it was always quick and very friendly.

I truly admire a pub that runs like this. They make it look easy. It is not! Highly recommended for a day trip, evening meal, or even a weekend away, the Pub have 5 excellent looking rooms available.

Congratulations to Proprietors Tony and Christine Antoni for an outstanding pub and thank-you for an extremely pleasant evening.

More information and booking at the pub’s website :

The Moon & Sixpence,
15 The Beach,
BS21 7QU,
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1275 872443


Chinese for lunch – Great Wall, Tewkesbury

Roast Pork Noodles from Great Wall, Tewkesbury

Roast Pork Noodles

Yes I blogged a picture of my lunch! Thats how its going to be!

The Great Wall in Tewkesbury has always been a regular take away haunt for me, and this year they have had a change in management and a new chef. The menu has been freshened up and there are some tasty looking additions. These include a range of Lamb dishes not usually found on a standard Chineese menu, along with a selection of Chinese, Malaysian and even japanese food.

The food from the Great Wall has always been good, but the menu has been the same for all the years I’ve known it so perhaps a revision was overdue. The menu now looks more exciting and, quite importantly for this day in age it strays away from the standard list of Chinese standards that grace 99% of other restaurant menus.

I often pop into Tewkesbury for a subway and a large cap to go from Costa, I may now switch to some noodles and a large cap to go from Coffee#1.

Looking forward to trying some of their new menu.

The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant
17 High St, Tewkesbury
01684 292046


Water Water Everywhere, again… Lets hope its not a third flooding for the Haw Bridge Inn, Tirley

Some of us in Gloucestershire are seeing the return of the now familiar lakes where fields used to be. While the fields of rain hold a certain beauty, people at risk of flooding are understandably nervous yet again.

The Haw Bridge Inn, one of the few remaining proper local pubs in the area has been flooded twice in the last few months. The first flooding closed the pub over the Christmas period, and having just sorted everything out and reopened, the floods entered again putting the place out of action over new year.

You don’t have to be in the trade to work out that not being able to do any business over Christmas and New Year is going to hurt, badly.

I’ve just driven over the Haw Bridge and seen the river, its almost level to the car park. Lets hope it stays there, a third flooding since Christmas is just not fair.

And, flood or no flood, I’d ask everyone who reads this blog to go down to the Haw Bridge, Drink, Eat and be … well merry. You’ll not only have fun but you’ll be supporting a valuable local community hub.

Their Next Event Is:
Up The Craic without a paddle at The Hawbridge Inn
Irish Themed night for charity – Pholk law and open session irish music
Saturday, February 23, 2013