Mark Harper Has Something To Hide

Wednesday this week, MPs had the chance to vote to force the government to release a secret risk report regarding the NHS and the proposed reforms. It was a close vote but Mark Harper, MP for the Forest of Dean played the dutiful career politician and towed the party line, voting against the report being released.

How are we meant to trust a government that is seemingly so underhand. If there wasn’t some sinister secret adgengenda planned then surely transparency wouldn’t be a problem. Opening up projected risks to public debate could be a very beneficial exercise.

So, is this government trying to hide some dastardly plan? Probably not, they aren’t clever enough but we do know that they are capable of extreme ignorance and disregard for public feeling.

MP’s need to know that we want and require transparency and honesty. This is the only way to rebuild trust and bring about real improvements.

You can now put some pressure on your MP and let them know you won’t stand for any more of these childish, dangerous games.

This link will find your MP and generate an email for you.