A Cracking Call



Me: Hello, Stuart Fox….
Caller: [silence] ….. Good afternoon can I speak to Mr or Mrs Fox please.
Me: Yes…
Caller: Hello, I am calling from the Legal Bureau and we are phoning round the local area to let people know about our free service for anyone who has had an accident.
Me: Good, I’ve had an accident I think!
Caller: Oh [sounding slightly surprised]… What happened?
Me: I’ve found a great big crack running down the middle of my bottom!
Caller: …. How did this happen?
Me: I just noticed it this morning. A Huge crack running right down the centre of my ass!
Caller: Thank you, have a nice day. Goodbye.
Me: Thank you.

Who is God?

All gods and religion are just tools of oppression and control. Every bible story follows astronomic patterns and it is on the behaviour of the sun and stars that all religion is based.

Just look at the death, torture and suffering imposed upon humans by their fellows in the name of a so called all loving all forgiving deity.