One giant leap for mankind…. Backwards!

A few weeks ago I was shopping in Tesco, outside were group of teenage boys talking, but the sounds coming from their lips were only barely understandable. Words were ejaculating from them in one-word-per-breath guttural tones, they were hanging their heads and shoulders and it did honestly remind be of the behaviour of primates I’ve observed at the zoo.


I’ve been noticing that a fair few people who occupy lower paid jobs are barely able to communicate in the only language they know, some are intelligent but have been failed by the education system while others are genuinely incapable of thinking on any sort of advanced level and would have been exactly the same even with the best education. 


Standards at schools are at an all time low, yes we have statistics to prove that I’m not correct, but the statistics are only there to be manipulated in order to cover up the truth that we are generating the most unintelligent, uncivilised generations ever seen in this country!


Once to take A levels and have a chance at a university education you needed a broad understanding of all things, an education founded on the classics and a true lust for knowledge and advanced understanding of your subject.


These days we have literature undergraduates who are too impatient to even read, opting for the audio book on the iPod option. People feel it is their right to attend 3 years of university simply for the experience, they will oftern not even know which subject they wish to study until months before enrolment.


A university experience these days can often be interpreted accurately as 3 years of substance and alcohol abuse and as much random shagging as you can shake a stick at!

While a hard working, hard playing attitude is great for some people; to not be interested in the subject or the work and to simply want to go through university for the party is not what it should be about.


The fact that it is entirely possible to survive an entire education in the UK without needing to learn how to read, write or talk coupled with the current economic climate may have dire consequences; As we all know, it is perhaps more difficult today than it ever has been for young couples and families trying to start out with a career, house, etc.


Those with the ability to think things through will be more likely now to choose not to start a family in the near future. Those who simply don’t think about these things will… well simply not think about it.


These are the people who will reproduce and be responsible for a couple of generations at least of a generation that will single handedly force civilised society to regress.


We see it all around us now… Skilled labour is a thing of the past – we have well and truly turned into a consumer society. Nothing is repaired, just thrown out… even if we could be bothered to fix things and make do as our grandparents had to, many of the skills we need in order to do this have literally died out.


The answer? There is none, we’ve gone too far! We only have to wait now for a complete collapse of the UK economy, the breakdown of civilised society (this is already well on the way) and the resulting transfer of all governmental powers to Brussels! 


A Harsh prophecy? Perhaps. But if you really take a look around, the writing is on the wall in 10 foot high print!



Like the mould that grows on a discarded sandwich – life evolved on earth and is just as insignifcant.

I envy those with faith. It must give a fantastic sense of purpose and meaning to life.

Some interesting figures regarding house prices…

I’ve often heard it, always from the older generations…

“Isn’t it about time you got your foot on the property ladder, settled down”.

Lets run through some numbers.

If you are between 50 and 60 years old now you would have probably paid between 15k and 30k for a house, lets take an example of a house in a quiet countryside village costing 25k in 1980. The average salary was around 8k a year.

Fast forward to 2008 and the average house price (170k) is just short of 8 times the average salary. In the 1930’s and 40s the average house only cost a years salary. And the quality of properties that make up the mid range of these averages has gone down considerably. 1st time buyers are pretty much restricted to town and city living which was not the case until recent years.

So if you are between 20 and 30, and people of your parents age say something like:
“When we were your age we had a nice little cottage and the wife was expecting” you can remind them that their cottage was probably priced below the average for the year, costing around 2 years salary.

Today that same cottage would be valued above average at around 10 times their salary – I wonder would they have been so quick to settle down and start a family under these circumstances.

I think not!