RedThreadGames Have their croudsourcing for DreamFall Chapters ‘Frozen’ by PayPal

DreamFall Chapters, The Longest Journey

DreamFall Chapters – PayPal Freeze Funds

1000’s of us wanted to see a new DreamFall Game, and 21,858 people were willing to put their hands in their pockets and donate money so the project could go ahead.

But for the people who missed the kickstarter deadline or couldn’t for whatever reason donate via the croudsourcing website, game developers, RedThreadGames offered a croudsourcing / preorder service powered by PayPal.

Tonight, without warning or any attempt to enter into dialogue with ReadThreadGames, PayPal have frozen all the funds, and also frozen funds and blocked sales for the companies highly anticipated, upcoming JourneyCon Event.

This is not the first horror story in which PayPal are the villains, and is surely not the last, see this story:
But it proves PayPal simply doesn’t care for its customers, creative people, or their fans.

Dreamfall Chapters has been a huge deal, with many highly enthusiastic supporters. PayPal needed to invest 10 minutes to do a little online research and contact the games producers to work out that everything was above board. Instead they have taken harsh and damaging action against RedThread Games, and held two fingers up to every PayPal customer who has supported the project. Way to go guys!

Is it time for governments to legislate and force PayPal to be bound and governed by the same codes of conduct as banks? Since it’s clear they can’t be trusted to treat individuals and businesses who rely on them fairly, I say yes!

PayPal: FIX YOUR CROUDSOURCING POLICIES. 10 minutes of your time could have prevented this, and the fact that no one will get in touch or enter into any meaningful dialogue with RedThread just adds insult to injury to the whole adventure gaming community. I’m just posting this to add my voice to many people who are saying – “Sort this out, apologise and fix your policies for good”.

Please tweet to @PayPal and @AskPayPal and tell them to sort it out.

For more information on Dreamfall Chapters, Visit RedThread Games:

‘John Williams’, a man I’ve never met nor interacted with publicly judges me ‘Vulgar, Nasty and Pompous’ for being upset after ‘The Butchers Arms’ Eldersfield stole from my family.

In a google plus review here:

John Williams, probably a pseudonym for one of the managers or staff at the Butchers Arms (one review, no other activity, hasn’t even visited the pub apparently) attacks me with some personal, hateful language for leaving an honest review.

I left 1 trip-advisor review regarding some shocking treatment. We were charged for goods we never received, we were refused a refund. We were both stressed and upset on this day and we were meeting family and friends in the hope of getting some diversion and comfort in the midst of some pretty horrible things going on in our lives.

We were served 2 drinks with a serious problem. In 20 years of custom this was the very first complaint, since we, at the time considered the owners friends we were absolutely sure it would be no problem to get a replacement  The landlady quickly became confrontational and very insulting. This is a pattern you may see when you read the other reviews from ‘nasty’ people. You should have seen the management’s abusive responses to bad (and some good) reviews on trip-advisor before they were removed for violating trip-advisor rules.

Following this 1 review, the harassment and attacks started – not just aimed towards me but my family. The easy thing to do would be to back down – but I won’t. This is not because I am ‘Vulgar’ or ‘Nasty’. It is because I will speak out if I have been wronged. The offer is open – I will revise my opinion and review if the Butchers Arms apologise and offer a refund.

Its a sad world when a person cannot express a truthful opinion on an experience with a business without personal insults being thrown at them by strangers who have no understanding of the situation or just how many people this individual has upset.

One thing that makes me suspect that this person is actually one of the pub management is the statement that the same reviews are everywhere. I wrote 1 review. Then when I was attacked for it I posted an article on my blog, something I do when ever I am upset about anything – if you don’t like it, don’t read it. And I then submitted a google review. Hardly ‘everywhere’.

I have been balanced and truthful in all my reviews, the other similar reviews on the same place are, in fact nothing to do with me. Is it really so impossible to believe that some people have, in fact had bad experiences at The Butchers Arms, despite their excellent reputation and Michelin Star.

You, Mr Williams are a hypocrite  I say this because I am 100% sure that, were you and those close to you treated like this you would be the first to complain on a public forum about it.

Shame on Mr Williams for denying bloggers freedom of speech without harassment, while at the same time, rating a pub he has admittedly never visited as excellent. If I am such a nasty, hateful person, why are the majority of my blogs on local businesses positive and supportive.

When I, or the people I care about are attacked, I write about it. This does not make me anything other than a blogger. I am upset about something, excited about something, sad about something, I share. Its up to you if you read it, but I won’t stop writing.

RIP Margaret Thatcher – A PM that will be remembered for generations to come.

Margaret Thatcher pictured with children, Carol and Mark

Margaret Thatcher pictured with children, Carol and Mark died today aged 87.

Rest in Peace Margaret Thatcher. The PM who still divides a room full of people, and indeed the whole of the United Kingdom down the middle, I doubt John Major or Gordon Brown will ever have that effect.

Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not a fan of some of her actions and I’m under no illusions, some of the things she did caused deep, irreversible damage, however she did have a fierce loyalty to her country and its people, a quality no one in the cabinate today possesses.

Recent documents have revealed a human side she hid, she shed genuine tears and felt real responsibility for loss of life in the Falklands. By contrast, Tony Blair will never feel anything for those lives lost in Iraq.

Its a tough balance make a decision you believe is for the best, then backtrack at the first sign of public resistance; the media will swoop on you for being weak, confidence will falter and, if it was the correct decision after all, you’ve just made the country a worse place for the people who voted for you by not pushing through the resistance. Carry on regardless, despite public outcry and accusations of arrogance, not listening to the people and being out of touch will surely follow. It seems to be that a politician can never really win.

Lets try to remember historical context while making judgments on her decions, many of which we will judge out of context given the time thats passed. Lets try and stay balanced and respectful to someone who dedicated her life to her country.